Transit & Express Authorities

Keep up with the city's improvements

Transit & Express Authorities (T&EA) are generally toll funded transportation agencies that focus on maintaining and providing transit services within their purview.

T&EA are held to a high standard as the community stakeholders need to ensure that funds collected are put back in the continual improvement and maintenance of their operations. Citizens want visibility, speed, and quality from their transit authorities.

ParkProERP works with transit authorities to help increase operational efficiency and client satisfaction.

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ParkProERP's main Transit & Express Authorities Capabilities

  • Financial: Generate accurate, auditable financials for your stakeholder.

  • Operations: Integrate Procurement and Purchasing. Create approval workflows to ensure compliance with policy

  • Customer Engagement: Track, manage and resolve customer requests providing all while providing exceptional customer experience

  • Contract Management: Manage customer contracts and billing schedules increasing profitability and visibility.