Municipal Parking

Overcome your city's Parking challenges

Municipal parking authorities face unique challenges. They must provide sufficient parking for their citizens all while keeping both costs and parking prices as low as possible. In addition, they are beholden to their stakeholders, to provide visibility into operations, generate revenue for the municipality and generally make the parking experience seamless and stress free for the citizen.

ParkProERP was designed to help municipalities, both large and small, to overcome the traditional parking challenges by utilizing technology and parking specific modules that simplify operations, increase visibility and most importantly increase client satisfaction.

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ParkProERP's main Municipal Parking Capabilities

Customer Engagement

Track, manage and resolve customer requests providing all while providing exceptional customer experience

Point of Sale

Track all your zones and lots availability in real-time.

Contract Management

Manage customer contracts and billing schedules increasing profitability and visibility.


Revenue control equipment

Integration with major Parking apps such as Pay-by-Phone

Vendor Portal RFP Management

Embedded Request for Quotation feature with an encrypted bid process.

Grant Management

Manage grants provided by governmental or private entities to ensure compliance.


Generate accurate, auditable financials for your stakeholders


Integrate Procurement and Purchasing. Create approval workflows to ensure compliance with policy

Parking Facility Management

Track all your zones and lots availability in real-time.