Creative solutions for parking problems

Public and private parking services are essential to any city. When big events like concerts or football games happen, getting a parking space can be a hurdle. Long lines, heavy traffic, less parking availability and no way of knowing where and if you’ll be able to park before your event starts are all concerns that affect people on a recurrent basis.

Because of this, a junior student at the University of Minnesota (St. Paul, MN) developed a website that allows homeowners and business owners to rent their available parking spaces for a fee. Its functioning is similar to AirBnB, but focused on parking spaces. People who live near a stadium or event center list their available space and customers interested in parking can save it ahead of time.

This concept reinforces the sense of community. It provides a small extra income for locals while allowing attendants to events to have a safe and dependable parking space. This creative solution for a parking problem demonstrates that the use of technology may benefit more aspects of daily life for citizens and daily operations for both private and public companies.

Another solution for your parking needs

This website is in its beta run, and sadly not available yet as an app or for any other city. But there are other ways for users to search for parking locations ahead of time and for established parking lots to provide an organized service for customers.

ParkProERP is an app that provides easy solutions for everyday parking operations. It helps automate processes and maintain accurate finances and reports within the company. With ParkProERP parking companies may allow potential customers to see occupancy, fees, and routes in real time. ParkProERP integrates with Waze or Google Maps for easy and familiar navigation.

Real-time data helps both private and public provide a better service, guarantee client satisfaction and strengthen customer loyalty. Thanks to ParkProERP assistants to big events can check for parking spaces on the go, making sure they get a spot near their venue. Customers can also pay online and directly from their cellphones.

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