Get to know ParkPro: parking and transit done right

Parking is essential to the ideal functioning of any city. Whether it’s private or public, the parking service benefits the municipality, the citizens, and the visitors. But the reality is that we only think about parking when we can’t find it: it’s a service we take for granted, always expecting it to be there.

Companies and authorities that manage and operate these facilities face the challenge of providing the service seamlessly to meet the demand come hell or high water. But sometimes, this is a lot more demanding than you’d think. Managing pricing, availability, payments and any unexpected issue takes time and effort.

Today, I’m going to talk about ParkProERP, an app that helps you run your parking business smoothly and easily.

What is ParkProERP?

ParkProERP was designed to help organizations in the parking industry better manage their finances, improve both end user and stakeholder visibility and integrate seamlessly with revenue control equipment, payment apps, and credit card processors. Our solution is flexible and adaptable enough to help overcome your organizations unique business challenges.

With ParkProERP you’ll be able to integrate all your operations in one secure environment accessible from anywhere, anytime. This solution focuses on public and private parking service providers, and transit authorities, so their operations are efficient and their clients, satisfied.

No matter the size of your enterprise, ParkProERP is made for you. ParkProERP Enterprise is designed to provide the best most comprehensive parking and facilities site management experience possible. ParkproERP Essentials was built for smaller parking authorities but with a large set of features.

What can it do?

Integrate all your income sources. Generate accurate financial and accounting reports. Manage your facilities and provide customer service in real time. Overview of your employees’ workflow. Do all the things necessary to run your business more efficiently thanks to ParkProERP.

This business solution works within the Microsoft cloud, a guarantee of digital safekeeping and accessibility for your company data and information. Grant access as needed and control who sees what inside ParkProERP. You have total decision-making power over your parking business and the information it generates. Sana, Microsoft and Pangea Group are your trusted partners in this new business journey with the ParkProERP solution.


Hopefully, this has been useful for you to understand ParkProERP better. Don’t doubt on contacting us at for more information or to schedule a demo.

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